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   "A word to the wise ain't necessary --  
          it's the stupid ones that need the advice."
					-Bill Cosby

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mr. Blackwell

Stewdog is in need of a diversion these days, and what better to fill it than Mr. Blackwell's annual list of the worst dressed celebs?

1. Britney Spears
2. Mary-Kate Olsen
3. Jessica Simpson
4. Eva Longoria
5. Mariah Carey
6. Paris Hilton
7. Anna Nicole Smith
8. Shakira
9. Lindsay Lohan
10. Renée Zellweger


Blogger Conservative in Virginia said...

OK, but let's be fair. Where would Stewdog rank on the Rumpus best/worst dressed list?

January 11, 2006 4:27 PM  
Blogger stewdog said...

I don't embarass myself. I can't afford to dress as I would choose to do. But I never wear stripes with plaid, don't wear white shoes after labor day and my ties usually match my suit and shirt.

January 11, 2006 9:11 PM  
Blogger darryl ann said...

I thought this was the list of people that Wonderdog would like to punch in the stomach?

I wish I didn't have to know who these people are.

January 13, 2006 12:29 AM  
Blogger darryl ann said...

And do you mean you can't afford to buy a Bob Mackie gown or you can't afford to be seen in one?

January 13, 2006 12:33 AM  

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