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Monday, November 21, 2005

Compare and Contrast

Gypsy Scholar pits Johnny Cash against Stephen Stills. It's no contest.


Blogger stewdog said...

You Want Parody?
You Can't Handle Parody!

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.
I keep my eyes wide open all the time.
I keep my pants up with a piece of twine.
Say You'll be mine,
I'll cut the twine.
Credit to Frank Moskus of St. Louis.

November 21, 2005 12:01 PM  
Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Back in the days when I liked "Love the One You're With," I thought that the line "And there's a rose in the fisted glove" was either "And there's a road in the misty cloud" or "And there's a rose in the mystic love" . . . either of which sounds so much nicer than trilling some perverse nonsense about having fisted a glove.

But I shouldn't be judgemental, just mental.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

November 21, 2005 2:56 PM  
Blogger Kate Marie said...

I like your lyrics better than Stills's. I don't think I ever knew that line. It just sounds, well . . . icky.

And who am I to judge your for being judgmental? We're a very non-judgmental group here, so go ahead and judge away. We won't judge you for it.

November 21, 2005 4:51 PM  
Blogger stewdog said...

Hey, I like Stephen Stills. Judy Blues eyes was a great song. Change partners was very good.
There are websites devoted to wrongly heard lyrics. Wayne's world did a good spoof on it.
"There's a bathroom on the right"
Dharma and Greg once had a bit where the dad thought that "She's a black magic woman and she's trying to take a pebble out of me."

November 21, 2005 6:21 PM  
Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

I used to listen to CSNY all the time and still have a soft spot in my head for them.

Yeah that bathroom on the right comes in useful when there's a bad moon a-rising. And any black-magic woman who can take a pebble out of me is better than the doctor who blasted my kidney stones out with sound waves.

Makes it easier to use that bathroom on the right.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

November 21, 2005 8:54 PM  
Blogger Conservative in Virginia said...

I heard a brief interview once of Stills. He said he went to a party with some other celeb (don't remember) guy. They looked around not knowing anyone and celeb told him, "love the one you're with." The rest is history.

Personally, the "love the one you're with" always offended me. What happened to keeping one's vows? It must have lost out to "follow your heart." Or in this case, "follow your hormones."

November 22, 2005 4:25 AM  
Blogger stewdog said...

The song was actually written for Michael Jackson and was "Glove The One You're With".

November 22, 2005 11:28 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

I'm happy to jump in with the Stewdog and defend CSN. Are their lyrics often flighty and rarely as rock-solid as Johnny Cash on even a so-so day? Sure. But they sound so sweet! I'll gladly put up with dumb lyrics that advocate screwing the nearest target of opportunity if it means I also get songs like "4 + 20" and "Carry On."

Besides, with a little adult denial, you can always pretend that "Love the One You're With" is a song about appreciating what you do have rather than what you can't have. Anything to enjoy those "Dit dit dits" that HJH hates so much. :)

November 22, 2005 11:33 AM  
Blogger Kate Marie said...

I must clarify. I, too, actually like CSN, but I think Jeff hits the nail on the head. It's their sound that makes them a great band. Do you guys prefer CSN with or without Y?

Cash's lyrics are better, and -- strangely -- I think he wins the cool contest.

My husband actually met Graham Nash (and Jackson Browne) once. His first year out of college, he taught music at this very expensive, sort of "alternative" private school in Arizona. The school had a fundraiser at which those two played (they knew the school's president or something).

My husband is a big classical music buff, but he's woefully deficient in his knowledge of rock/pop music. Anyway, he was assigned the task of driving Nash and Browne back to the airport after the concert, and they were doing small talk (they had discovered my husband was the music teacher). The Allman Brothers were mentioned, and my husband said, "Who are they?" Husband claims they said absolutely nothing to him for the rest of the journey.

November 22, 2005 12:50 PM  
Blogger stewdog said...

I like both CNY and CSN&Y.
I also liked Graham Nash's Songs for Beginners.
And let's not forget preceeding bands like The Hollies and Buffalo Springfield.
Tremendous harmonies out of those guys. . Even though Crosby is and was an idiot. Guy could sing.
Now. . back on the Marrekesh Express for me.
And KM, I remember that story about the KM Hubbub. That is classic.

November 22, 2005 1:13 PM  
Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Yes, CSN&Y could sing so beautifly together as to make "intricate seem straight," but ever "leading swiftly rolled / In tangles . . . / To mischief swift."

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

November 23, 2005 2:39 AM  
Blogger stewdog said...

HJH is making reference to the Dodgers, since the team appears to be in "Paradise Lost" and has their own Milton (Bradley)

November 23, 2005 7:24 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Naturally, HJH, you're going to say that, because you, you are on the road; must have a code that you can live by...

November 23, 2005 9:43 AM  
Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Hey, everybody's a dodger. I'm a dodger, you're a dodger, too.

But I have my code from Ringo Starr: "All you need is glove."

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

November 23, 2005 12:10 PM  

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