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Friday, December 01, 2006

Stew's Reviews

I have actually caught a couple of movies lately. The 1991 gem Only The Lonely was on HBO last night. It is a delightful film worth seeing again, or if you missed it the first time, be sure to rent it. It is a great character study starring John Candy and Ally Sheedy in what I believe to be the best work either did. And Maureen O'Hara is brilliant as Candy's overbearing Irish mother. Anthony Quinn has a nice turn as the neighbor and a very young Jim Belushi has a small part. Not a blockbuster of a film, but really well written and acted.
For a fun stupid funny Christmas film, try Just Friends, if for no other reason than the delighful over the top work of Anna Farris as Samantha James. Her song "Forgiveness", sung in parts throughout, is destined to be a classic.
Finally, Red Eye had it's moments, Cillian Murphy is perfectly creepy and Rachal McAdams, the lead in Wedding Crashers, is always delightful on the screen, but what began with great promise turned into the pedestrian.
OK that's it. . until next time, the balcony is a mess!


Blogger Jeff said...

I haven't seen the other two movies, but I completely agree about "Only the Lonely." It's a nice movie for grown-ups--and it's neat to see John Candy playing a character rather than a caricature.

December 01, 2006 7:09 PM  
Blogger stewdog said...

Jeff, you are dead on with the Candy as character comment. Brilliant directing to keep him centered. Amazing what a great director can do. I am reminded f Sandra Bullock in Crash. . Where did THAT come from?

December 02, 2006 2:38 PM  

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