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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hitch confirms my Hillary fears; Hugh invokes "Mordor"

Here are some excerpts from a Hugh Hewitt interview with Christopher Hitchens this evening:

HH: On the day after Super Tuesday, and she’s out of her box, the vampire got out of the dungeon before the light came up or the stake went through her heart, and Hillary Clinton is alive and taking to the wing. To talk about this ominous development, Christopher Hitchens, columnist for Vanity Fair, also writes at Slate and he knows the Clintons like few people. Christopher Hitchens, you must have been a little perturbed last night when Hillary got off of the ground and started gaining ground.

CH: I had, just for a minute, let my attention wander.

HH: (laughing)

CH: And I put my stake and my silver bullet back in the cupboard, because I thought that what I would have to do was going to be done for me by Senator Obama. And of course, I knew better. I knew better. When people have no shame and no embarrassment, and live only for ambition, you have to have two lots of stake wielders, and two lots of silver bullet…

And Hitch again on Obama:

CH:... I don’t think the candidate to the presidency of the United States should go to ethnic based Churches with a sort of partly rock and roll liturgy and a partly pro-Qaddafi and pro-Farrakhan theology. I just think that ought to disqualify you. And I think it’s outrageous that it hasn’t been mentioned.

On the Rezko scandal and Obama's allusion to "Minister Farrakhan":

CH: You cannot run as Mr. Clean if you’re doing this. You can’t run as the great, new clean breath of a new generation if you’re doing this kind of old trash in Chicago racketeering, deniable racketeering, and if you’re going to an ethnic-based hate Church, as simple as that, and a Church that endorses a man who even when he answered the question disowning him, you’ll notice Mr. Obama, Senator Obama I should say, refers to as Minister Farrakhan.

CH: I’m sorry, I don’t like the Senator from Illinois referring to Minister Farrakhan. That is a term of respect, only used by people who think that Farrakhan’s church is on the level, which it’s not. It’s a racist group that helped to organize the murder of Malcolm X.

HH: Now one of the…

CH: Minister nothing, Mr. Farrakhan at best.

And perhaps his scariest assessment re Hillary:

HH: 20 seconds, who’s going to be the next president of the United States?

CH: Hillary Clinton.

HH: Oh…because of yesterday?

CH: No, no, I’ve feared it for a long time, and there’s something horrible and undefeatable about people who have no life except the worship of power.

HH: The Mummy is back.

CH: …people who don’t want the meeting to end, the people who just are unstoppable, who only have one focus, no humanity, no character, nothing but the worship of money and power. They win in the end.

HH: Mordor. Christopher Hitchens, a pleasure. Thank you for joining us from Vanity Fair.

End of interview.


[Mind you, I don't like Obama. I've only said that he could be easily beaten by McCain, whereas Hillary will be a much tougher challenge.]


Blogger stewdog said...

You have to take what "Hitch" says about anything to do with religion with a grain of salt. He is an equal opportunity hater when it comes to organized religions.

March 06, 2008 6:49 AM  
Blogger Wonderdog said...

Yeah, he's an atheist and will burn in hell but I still think he's smart.

March 06, 2008 11:56 AM  

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