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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bump in the road

I live in the city of Los Angeles and recently I've become aware of one of the most monumental waste of tax-payer money of all time. Along various residential side streets bumps are placed in the road to promote slower traffic along those streets. I have no problem with this. About twenty feet or so prior to said bump on the street is painted the word "bump" as a warning to approaching vehicles. I have no problem with this.

Recently, however, I've been noticing that the painted word "bump" along these streets is being repainted as "hump".

Setting aside the potential salacious interpretation of the new word, which might just be funny enough to satisfy my perturbedness here, I'm afraid it goes beyond this roadway double entendre.

My real perturbedness here is that some city council meeting made up of city council nincompoops decided to spend (I dare say) hundreds of thousands of dollars for this repainting tomfoolery.

Was "bump" not clear enough to the average motorist? Was a study done to determine this? I think "bump" says it all. There's a bump ahead. Don't confuse me with "hump". What's a "hump"? It's something on a camel or something, right? Now instead of readying myself for the "bump" ahead, my mind is contemplating the import and meaning of "hump". Whilst in the midst of these mental gymnastics, I'm now unwittingly flying over a "bump", catching air, becoming jarred against my seat, squashing the neighborhood feline, taking out someone's side rear-view, and generally creating the situation that this hundred thousand dollar city project was designed to prevent!

I'm just sayin'...


Blogger stewdog said...

My current peave is with our philandering mayor's proposal to jump our trash fee to pay for more cops. Call me old fashioned, but I believe a trash fee is there to pay for. . we'll. . the disposal of TRASH.

April 24, 2008 6:58 AM  

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