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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alpheus on Joe the Plumber


My advice to the Republicans: stay with this guy. Reveal him as the middle-class martyr he's becoming. This is the best chance McCain and company have had to throw a spotlight on the Left's double standards and utter viciousness.

Hear, hear.

UPDATE: Instapundit has a round-up of posts on the attacks on Joe the Plumber, who had the audacity to ask Barack Obama a question.

UPDATE II: From Ed Morrissey:

And Joe Wurzelbacher didn’t give a speech or make a commercial. He asked a question. He stood on a rope line, and Obama picked him to ask it. The Tanning-Bed Media seems to feel that they have a duty to expose every last part of Wurzelbacher’s life, but that asking Obama to explain his political partnerships with Tony Rezko and William Ayers, and his long friendship and financial support of rabid demagogues Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger, are not just out of bounds but downright racist.:

So what have we learned from this episode?

Thou shalt not offend The One by asking him a question. Of any kind.
Anyone who questions The One will have to undergo a public pillorying of a kind unseen since the Red Scare, or perhaps the Inquisition.

The Tanning-Bed Media will happily participate in any inquisition, as long as it keeps them from investigating irrelevant issues like Obama’s ties to the Chicago Machine, William Ayers, ACORN, or his record on protecting infanticide.
Don’t ask questions. Don’t check the records of people running for political office, but do check the records of those who dare violate Rule #1. No dissent will be tolerated. Our political and media masters have spoken.

UPDATE III: More at The Corner


Blogger idjiut said...

Amen. The Main Stream media, particularly traditional broadcast networks CBS, NBC and ABC are repugnant at best. I doubt that much air time will be spent on the impending ACORN debacle since it concerns primarily Democrat registered voters. It is appalling to say the least. Certainly, the spin now is that only voter registration fraud has been committed, however it must be the precursor of voter fraud by virtue of the necessity to be registered before actually voting. What a lame defense. Furthermore, it should be apparent that it is high time for election polls to require a photo ID before issuing a ballot to any prospective voter. In all my lifetime of voting years (since 1970), I have never once been asked to produce ID before voting and I always considered this curious practice as totally incompetent. Yet, when the State of Georgia attempted to enact a photo ID requirement in order to vote, WHAM, out came the RACE CARD. It seems that even as volunteers were on hand to not only provide free transportation to citizens to local DMV's to apply for a photo ID, but to also facilitate voters who lacked transportation, and give them a free ride to the polls at election on election day, the Democrat Liberals scoured the remotest areas of Georgia until they found an old widow, who just happened to be black, and for whatever reason (inexplicably because she couldn't afford the fee)had never applied for a photo ID of any kind and held her up as the poster child for racial discrimination at the polls. It was a pathetic display of how desperate the Democrat Party is to avoid an 'honest' election. What could possibly be wrong with requiring a photo ID in order to vote in an election? The notion that vast numbers of voters would be 'disenfranchised' is absurd, as anyone who can not produce a valid photo ID can be given a Provisional Ballot to be cast, subject to ID verification. BUT NO, that's not good enough for the Ultra-Left Wing Liberals who insist on resisting any attempt to conduct practical, reasonable precautions to prevent voter fraud. Why do you suppose that is?

October 17, 2008 1:13 AM  

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