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Thursday, September 29, 2005

More Cowbell

Nice article about one of the funniest SNL skits of all time. Everytime I hear Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult, I can hear Christopher Walken admonishing Will Ferrell that he needs "more cowbell". You can find the video on this page.


Blogger Conservative in Virginia said...

That was cute. I'd never seen it before. But, funniest SNL skits of all time? Maybe you had to first see it when you were 20.

Besides, though it has been many, many moons since I've seen TV, much less SNL, I thought the funniest skit was Steve Martin doing some sort of Egyptian dance on rollerskates. Oh yeah, King Tut.

September 29, 2005 7:12 PM  
Blogger Kate Marie said...

Very funny, Stewdog. Thanks for posting it.

King Tut is the last thing you remember from SNL, CIV? I suppose you're better off without television, but that means you missed *my* nomination for funniest SNL skit -- Christopher Guest and Martin Short as brothers who are training for the Olympic synchronized swimming team.

I never liked SNL as much as SCTV, though. Did anyone ever watch that?

September 29, 2005 8:38 PM  
Blogger stewdog said...

Yes, I watched some of SCTV. It was good, but not as great as the best SNL. My favorite is the one hour Dana Carvey special that they show from time to time that ends with the "chopping broccoli" number.
Yes, CIV. . I stand by that as being one of the funniest and one of my reasons is that it is Iconic. Christopher Walken is great and how many skits have their own t shirts?
OK, back to watching California burn to the ground.

September 29, 2005 9:15 PM  
Blogger Conservative in Virginia said...

Call me corny, but I always thought the funniest thing on TV was when Tim Conway did a guest appearance on Carol Burnett. The two of them could barely keep a straight face during their skits.

I started watched SNL after Chevy Chase left, always hearing how I'd missed the best. (Like watching Cheers, only to be constantly told that it was better before I saw it, with the blond.)

TV dropped off my radar beginning the fall of '74, though I had a few stretches of watching, on and off: Star Trek NG, Shannon's Deal, Hunter, LA Law (but not to the bitter end), Wings. Never once saw many hits such as Hill Street Blues and Sopranos and just about nothing since we got to stop watching Barney somewhere around '95.

September 30, 2005 5:56 AM  

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