Today is

   "A word to the wise ain't necessary --  
          it's the stupid ones that need the advice."
					-Bill Cosby

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Please Tell Me Again Why Bush Should Meet With Cindy Sheehan

John McCain met with her, apparently under false pretenses that Arizona citizens were in her delegation. After the meeting, she described him as a "Warmonger". Well, there you go George. What more reason could you possibly want to meet with her. No need to hold back anymore. Open the door and let her in.
Oh. . and apparently an appearance of hers was cut short today because she is exhausted. Hell, a schedule of rabble rousing like hers would put me on my back for 2 days. But she did state that she was planning to "meet her obligations". Obligations? What obligations.
Calling Cindy. Your 15 minutes are up. Please exit the bus and have a nice day.


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