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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Last Day

Today marks the last day of an 11 day year end respite. Started out crazy with Christmas cooking for the family. . . then a short trip to the desert. . and then a couple of days of hiding from the world in my coccoon. But tomorrow, I must dip my toes in the muddy waters of the real world once again. Alas and alack. . . at least my batteries are recharged and I have a Thursday Hockey Outing to ease the transition. No malls and no movie theaters this break, but I did rent a few movies and Stew's Reviews follow:

March of the Penguins: I am probably the last mammal on the planet to witness this exquisite jewel. Perhaps the best nature documentary ever filmed. Beauty in the cinematography and the story. I used to think that "Penguins" was a lame name for a hockey team, but after seeing the perseverence, patience, and grit of these Emperors of Antarctica, the name yields only honor and stature.

The 40 Year Old Virgin: Sorry critics, but I am not in line with the heaping of praise on this uneven turkey. I love Steve Carrell, and there were some good elements here, but the movie doesn't hold up as a whole, and the first half is embarassing at times.

Bewitched: The Critics savaged this film, but I am one of the few who actually enjoyed it. Part of my pleasure is how much I loved the old show, but mainly, I loved it because Nicole Kidman is just sooooo damned cute in it. She really shows that she is a throwback to the old time actresses of Hollywood. Will Ferrell is weak and miscast, Shirly MacLane is HORRIBLE, the script is uneven , but there is one great part in addition to Nicole's, that of Steve Carell playing Paul Lynde playing Uncle Arthur. I don't expect anyone else to like this movie, but I did!

Back to checking the Casa for water. Man, I feel sorry for the Rose Parade People.


Blogger Kate Marie said...

Good luck taking the plunge back into ordinary existence, Stewdog. Looking forward to seeing you this week. And thanks for Stew's Reviews. Maybe I'll try Bewitched, since I'm a fan of the old show (though the post-Dick York ones aren't quite as good), and I like Nicole Kidman, too.

January 03, 2006 1:23 AM  

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