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Friday, October 26, 2007

Mad as hell

Kelly Mills at StrollerDerby highlights a new Dove commercial called "Onslaught," which offers a glimpse -- stylized and accelerated -- of the images that most young girls are bombarded with daily. Sure, it's ironic that Dove is part of the beauty industry and thus probably more interested in turning a profit than in "consciousness-raising." That problematic issue aside, it's a powerful video, and it reminds me why waiting in line at the supermarket, driving down the road, watching baseball games on television, or merely being out in the world often feels fraught with peril, weighted down with coarseness.

And why always the "I'm not a prude" disclaimer from parents? What does it mean that we have to be careful to assert our liberal and enlightened bona fides before complaining about the latest vulgar beer or fast food commercial, or before decrying the increasing sexualization and pornification of childhood?

I've spent some time recently looking at "Megan's Law" databases for the cities that we're considering moving to in Kansas. Any parent who has ever done the same thing understands the panic that I felt as I clicked through name after name, address after address, offense after offense. In the end, though, I'm less worried about my ability to protect my daughters from the disgusting lowlifes in those databases than I am about my ability to shield them from the advertisers, retailers, and image-makers who sell the pedophile's vision of childhood.


Blogger stewdog said...

Thanks for sharing the video. The red headed kid could use a little mascara. . and could drop a few pounds. Otherwise, very cool!

On a serious note, The Dog raised two female puppies (won't use the proper term because gangster rappers have hijacked it) and while they fought those issues, I think they came out of it pretty well. Raising kids in this society is a tough challenge. . .and it gets tougher starting in the "Tween" era when peer pressure reigns supreme.

October 27, 2007 7:27 AM  
Blogger Scotty said...

I applaud Dove's attempt and maybe it's a good start but I'm afraid that it's much too late in coming. The pervasiveness of that kind of advertising is immense and it bombards our little girls (and boys!) constantly. I've discovered while raising my two young boys that the problem isn't limited to little girls alone. Not that little boys are being pressed into a mold as much as little girls are, but they are being taught what 'pretty' is. And how are our little girls supposed to fight back if our little boys already have such a narrow view of 'the girl of their dreams'?

October 27, 2007 9:50 AM  
Blogger Kate Marie said...

Excellent point, Scotty.

October 27, 2007 10:26 AM  
Blogger stewdog said...

Scotty, Your boys have two hurdles to leap. . . finding a woman who matches their mom for sense and beauty, and . . .well. . their dad!!!!! :-0

October 28, 2007 3:53 PM  

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