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Friday, October 01, 2004

Bloggers Cede this one to MSM -- for shame

Kerry Spot's Jim Geraghty has a great post this morning on why Bush supporters should be optimistic about the debate last night. The optimism is in the details. While the MSM is quick to call Kerry the winner (duh), these post-debate Gallup polling numbers are very heartening:

***Demonstrated he is tough enough for the job Bush 54/ Kerry 37
***Likable Bush 48/Kerry 41
***Believable Bush 48 / Kerry 45
***Agreed with you more on the issues you care about Bush 49/ Kerry 46
***Had a good understanding of the issues 41/41
***Expressed himself more clearly Bush 32/Kerry 60

On Iraq: Before Debate: 54 said the president would do a better job handling Iraq than Kerry (40)After: 54/43

More, lifted from Bush-campaign readings: John Kerry failed to improve his ratings on “handling the responsibilities of Commander-in-Chief”. Prior to the start of the debate, 55% of voters said they trusted the President with the responsibilities of commander in chief while 42% trusted Kerry. After the debate, 54% trust Bush and 44% trust Kerry (Gallup).

So there you have it. Bush wins on toughness, likeability, believability, issues people care about, handling Iraq, and handling responsibilities of Commander-in-Chief.

Yup. Sounds like a Kerry win to me. Well, that's what Dan Rather says anyway. Shame on the bloggers for ceding this one to MSM.


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