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   "A word to the wise ain't necessary --  
          it's the stupid ones that need the advice."
					-Bill Cosby

Thursday, December 16, 2004

And just what really is going on between Rachel, Helen, and Renee?

Okay, maybe It's just me but this story is oddly humorous. I read it with the want and expectation to hear a heart-warming tale. Instead of heart-warmth, however, I furrowed my brow and chuckled slightly at the cold dismissal of this 95 year old woman's good deeds.

It seems that Rachel DuSan, 95, crocheted 62 slippers for those staying in the nearby convalescent home. Nice story right? So you'd think someone in the story would say something nice about it, right?

I mean, Rachel herself had something nice and sweet to say:

"It's nice to have them on your feet at night to keep them warm. And it gives me something to do."

Ah, very nice and sweet. My heart is beginning to warm...just as I had wanted.

Ah, and what does the 85 year old president of Rachel's AARP chapter have to say about Rachel's kind deed? I can feel my heart getting cozier as I begin to read her response...

"She's done her job," said Helen Jones, the 86-year-old past president of the chapter.

What the...? Done her job? She must beat you at checkers every Saturday, huh Helen? Sheesh!

Well, let's turn to the director of the Convalescent home, then. Surely, she must have some nice words for poor Rachel, right? Well...kinda...

"It's fascinating that people of that age can knit and crochet with their hands," said Renee Romeo, Crestview activity director.

Ouch. There must be more to this story. Could it be that Rachel is really a mean old buzzard of a woman and she's just doing this for some good PR and both Helen and Renee know better? There's just too much subtle disdain there.

I just may, or may not, look into this further.


Blogger Conservative in Virginia said...

"For a 95-year-old person to still think about others is great."

Sounds like ageism to me. My grandma is 98 1/2 and on the welcome committee at her nursing home. She spends much time praying for others (including me!) and leading people to prayer and salvation. My other grandma passed away just after turning 98. To the end, she always seemed more concerned about others than herself and also was good at praying for anyone who needed it.

December 16, 2004 5:05 PM  

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