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   "A word to the wise ain't necessary --  
          it's the stupid ones that need the advice."
					-Bill Cosby

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Borders Without Borders

I ventured out to the Local Borders today. I usually buy my books and music on Amazon, but I miss browsing the bookstore. My observations:
1. Borders has replaced the public library. There were scores of people there doing homework, working on computers, etc. Maybe the library doesn't have hours that match. They certainly don't offer lattes. But what also might be driving it is my observation from the few times that I dared to venture into our urban public libraries: that they have become a de facto home for the homeless. Our "enlightened" attitudes have made the public library less than desirable. I had some crazy homeless guy chase me to the front door of the library the last time I went.
2. Stores like Borders should be treated like libraries. People are in thought, as they look over books and music. There were a number of inconsiderate a**holes walking around with their bluetooths in their ears carrying on conversations for us all to share. I shouldn't have to suggest to the idiots that they take it outside. That should be for the store to enforce (although this is the same place where the tattooed and pierced have never heard of a bookplate). I have experienced this as well in doctors' offices recently. . even the ones with the signs that tell you to take it outside. Cellphones in public are not unlike automobiles. . . devices that in the hands of the unwashed populace exist solely to annoy the mannered.
3. I saw the duet CD of which the Marie of Kate typed. I thought from her post that it was a Christmas album, but it was not. I wasn't compelled to buy it, but I was intrigued. She did a marvelous version of James Taylor's Carolina In My Mind on a PBS special.
4. Christmas cards are for sale. Ho Ho Hit me please!


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