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   "A word to the wise ain't necessary --  
          it's the stupid ones that need the advice."
					-Bill Cosby

Monday, February 25, 2008

Parrots and dogs: Depressed?

Forget Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Kosovo...

Tropical birds and other fuzzy animals are depressed and (gasp) suicidal, galdarnitt!!!

A snippet:

Tropical birds such as parrots seemed to have been the most affected by depression, Mr Pizzi told the newspaper.

Polly wanna Prozac?


Last year, Eli Lilly released a chewable anti-depressant for dogs onto the US market.

"Whoa is me. Is there nothing more to life than scratching, barking, fetching, sleeping and eating? Yeah, there's the occasional cat and squirrel chase but that can only sustain you for so long. A scrap of steak from the table? Not one in weeks...When is my next scrap of pleasure? What you don't know is...when I chase my tail, I'm chasing self-mutilation and demise. But wait! This chewable thing ("chewable anti-depressant") has changed my perspective! Fleas?? Who cares??!!"

Since cats are not named, I'm glad we can assume that they have a healthy perspective on Purina, rodent-chasing...and naps.


Blogger Kate Marie said...

I think Frank has seasonal affective disorder.

February 26, 2008 7:52 AM  
Blogger Tempelton Peck said...

nawww....he's just a crack dog!

February 26, 2008 2:00 PM  
Anonymous Larry said...

Larry! I keep telling you, my name is Larry!

February 26, 2008 6:39 PM  

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